After some time, Shasha was hit by her post-nut clarity after remembering she was calling out Noahs name during masturbation. She was ashamed of it as this is the first time she has ever squirted in her lifetime.

”I have to wash it off. I look like slime. ”, sighs as she recalled she was completely soaked with cum and sweat.

After using the ”cleanse ” spell to clean off her bedroom, she walks toward her bathroom which is attached to her bedroom.

She can use ”cleanse ” on herself but she likes to wash with hot water.

After filling the bathtub with Gloreal, her prized fragrance with hot water, she completely submerged herself in it while her huge assets are floating above the water surface giving her an uncontrollable sex appeal.

”Why? I was calling out Noahs name ”, sighs Shasha while remembering her earlier actions

”Am I that frustrated? ”

Noah is Alices fiance and her son-in-law. She recalls Noah being a cute kid while calling her ”aunt, pick me up ” with his puppy eyes. She considers herself Noahs half-mother as he has spent days playing with Alice in her garden when he was young. Whenever Noah stays at the Grey manor, he bathes and sleeps with her like a son.


She loved her husband very much, But after he went missing, She was completely heartbroken and even developed a suicidal feeling. Alice also went completely emotionless and lived a shut-in life. But Noah comes as an angel in the life of both mother and daughter.

His cute and warm expressions and various antics have opened up both mother and daughter. He was like a savior to the Grey family. This is also the reason that she accepts Goldsteins family proposal despite Noahs damaged spirit.


She knew that Alice has developed a crush on Noah and Noah had also grown up into a very handsome man.

Despite Noah being the most handsome man she has ever seen, she considers him her own son. But today she saw him as a man and even developed a crush.

After recalling Noahs huge tent, she felt her body heat up again and her original brown eyes had a pinkish tinge to them.

She knew she has to cool off sooner as Noah and Alice are waiting for her in the hall but her slimy body does not seem to listen to her.

She placed her palms below her boobs and squeezed her pink nipples slowly while calling out

”Noah, Don be rough ”

Her palms were easily submerged in her soft boobs as she was imagining herself being dominated by Noah.

she placed her left hand on her clitoris while squeezing her boobs with her right hand and putting her nipples in her mouth.

While rubbing her clitoris with her index finger, she put her middle finger above her vagina and rubs it back and forth while imagining it to be Noahs penis.

”Do you want to accept this D ”, a mechanical voice sounded in her mind while she was masturbating completely unaware of her situation.

”aah .. aah ”

”yes, I accept this huge D ”, says Shasha while putting her finger in her hole.

Her moans filled the bathroom as she was completely focused on her masturbation and does not seem to notice the pink mist around her which has seeped into her figure and formed an invisible yin-yang mark on her abdomen.

When Noah laid his eyes on Shasha, the Yin harmony technique activated on its own.

It produced a pink mist that submerges into the female body and if the female accepts the authentication it forms a yin-yang mark which will help in stabilizing the foundations of the cultivation during physical intercourse.

After the formation of the mark, Her attitude has completely changed and now she considers herself Noahs property.

Remembering her finger does not do justice to Noahs big D, She conjures a 9 inches long dildo in the shape same as Noahs.

After lubricating it and rubbing it on her vagina, She puts the whole thing inside her pussy.

”Its huge ”, calls out Shasha while moving the dildo back and forth

” See, your mother**ing dick is stretching my pussy ” while imagining Noah has pinned her down on the wet surface and sucking her pink nipples in his mouth.

”Yes, Fuck your mother-in-law ”

She is moving her hands very fast while calling out

”yeah, Noah do it faster and rougher ”

”See, My pussy has taken your shape, ” she says while squirting all over the bathroom.

After cumming all over the place, her body calms down as if she has taken off a huge load and the whole bathwater has been mixed with her cum.

She feels like she has become younger.

Her beautiful face is now shining with a glow and her skin has also become softer.

Her eyes have a pink tinge to them as if she has become a maiden in love.

After taking the dildo out, her eyes went wide as she saw that not even half the dildo has been put in her pussy.

She had prided herself as an M when her husband was around. She sucks the life out of him every time when they have sex. She recalls his dick but after confirming it was not even half the size of the dildo, she felt she has been in an illusion and her love for her husband also decreases bit by bit while her lust for Noah increases even further.

While Shasha was busy in the bathroom, Noah and Alice sits on the sofa while playing their favorite movie.


When Noah was coming toward Alices home, He was figuring out his abilities. His spirit technique can run without mana and he can easily recall every bit of his life from his birth. He can even remember Maries smile while in pain when she birthed him. After doing a quick recap he seals his memories deep in his soul which will not even be accessed by God, Only he can access his memory.

He transforms his computing ability into an AI System and names it yin-system.

His devour ability played a huge part in obtaining the inheritance and he did not even know what else can be done by it but he puts it aside thinking that he can figure it out later.

There was a huge memory in the pink ball is processed by the system.


”Show me the status ”, orders Noah


NAME: Noah Goldstein

AGE: 15

Ability: Spirit calculation/Gold/Devour


AGILITY: 99.99



SKILLS: 1. Basic Martial Art(completed)

2. Yin Technique(Beginner – Mist of lust)

Noah recalls the pink mist gathering over Shasha after Alice closes the door.

He knew it had something to do with him but ignores it after thinking it can be a different product of Shasha, without knowing the chaotic future it will bring upon him.

While Noah was contemplating his ability with the help of the system, his left hand accidentally touches Alices right hand.

Alice feels the heat of Noahs heat after their hand touches and both of their body moves toward each other but she turns her head away while blushing and says to Noah

”Please, wait until my 16th birthday ”

Alices grandmother has put an ice seal on her body which improves her physique while also maintaining the magi-level defense. On her 16th birthday, it will break on its own and improve her foundation.

Noah also knows about the seal which has been addressed in their engagement and has agreed to fulfill it.

So he nods his head indicating that he understands and then both of their faces went red as this is the first time they experience each others feelings.

Seeing that there was currently pink mist forming over Alice, Noah knew it was definitely his doing.

”Stop the mist ”, orders Noah and heaves a sigh when he sees the mist disappear.

While Noah was thanking the system, It responds with a notification which causes his body to shake.

[ Host has been accepted by Shasha Grey as her companion and has successfully formed the yin-yang seal.]

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