emperor style

the beginning 2

Liam POV

everything seems to be going wrong, it just all **ed up, I wish I can just do what I want without does old coot interfering, but its all just a dream, nothing can go the way you want.

beside me was maria, she seemed to be lost in thought, maybe thinking about the future, shes really beautiful, sometimes I wonder how she fell in love with me, it just seems to unreal such a beautiful angel falling inlove with me, yeah I know shes a real angel, but I mean angel in a beautiful sense.

she turn towards me, with a strange expression on her beautiful face, I can tell she sees me as some weirdo, or a pervert, she glares at me, then stands up and starts walking down the mountain, I stood up and start waking toward her.

”were are you going ” I asked still unsure of her stance. she looks at me and says ”back home ”

I don know why, but I don like that answer ” why so early ” I asked. ”so they don suspect anything ” she said not turning back to look at me.

”those bastards, did they do anything to you ” I said furious and scared that they had figured it out. ”no ” she said still moving forward.

” then why are you acting strange, you didn talk much, and you look scared and maybe a little confused ” I said to her without thinking much due to my insecurities.

she stopped finally, looking back at me, she asked ” am I that readable ”.

”no ” I said without thinking ”am the only one that look through you easily ”

Maria POV

I don know what to say to you, maybe I should tell you the truth, but how would you react, I feel scared maybe you will leave me, get angry or tell me to do the unthinkable.

looking back at him, I asked ” do you love me ” looking at me with does fiery red eyes he said ”what do u think ”

I didn know what to say, I know he loves me or should I say I want believe I know, cuz if I know then why am I scared.

looking back at him, I couldn say anything, cuz I didn know what to say, sob sob sob, I started crying without even knowing the reason.

Liam POV

seeing her cry like that, made me feel like crying I felt a sharp pain in my heart, trying to stay strong I walked up to her, touching her chin and raising it up, so her eyes can meet mine.

I smiled after our eyes met, trying my best to give a reassuring smile ” theres no need to cry ” I said ”I will always stand by your side, even though the whole world leaves you ”

Maria POV

I didn know what to do after that statement, bracing my self for whats to come I decide to open up.

”I am pregnant ” I said still sobing, trying my best to look at his face, to see any reaction, maybe happy.

meeting the sad look on his face, I could see my worst fears coming to pass ”please don tell anyone ” I said in a rush ”If u don want the child I will do my best to take care of it, just please keep this a secret, at least till I can protect it ” I said again praying to what ever divine being that exist to help me out.

Liam POV

having I child is not really a problem for me, but I know we are not ready for that, but seeing her face and hearing everything she said, I knew i was either with her or against her, it was left for me to decide, the part I want to follow, having the power to send me towards my ruin and separate from my the love of my life.

looking at her ”sigh. no need to be scared, like I said I will always be with you, what you are carrying is also mine, why are you so scared ” I said smiling and also trying to look confident.

with a radiant smile she said ” really ” shaking my head I hugged her.

Maria POV

saying I was shocked would be an understatement, cuz I felt like my whole world was burning with an intense light, a light that I wouldn want to stop, thinking on the line of I didn hear him well I decided to ask ”really ” with a little smile on his face he hugged me.

after some minute we separated ”so whats our plan ” I said, trying to include him in all the plans I had made before our meeting. ”we look for were to hide ” he said sounding a little bit hesitant.

smiling I said ”from the records in my clans library, there should be other worlds in the vast universe that we can go to ” looking at me ”its not that simple, only few people in my clans history succeeded in living this world, and many died trying to, I don think its a good idea ” he said in a Stern tone.

Liam POV

I don know why shes trying to bring that up, leaving the grasp of this world isn really a good thing, if the stories are true then there should be more powerful people outside our world we can take that risk, we definitely can .

looking at her ”what of the domains it exist in different part of our world and even the most powerful existence can get in easily without the domains owner permission ” I said trying to sound as confident as I can.

looking at me strangely ”and how do we own one ?? ” she asked, sounding a bit sarcastic.

trying my best to keep cool, I said ”we just have to work hard, we have alot of people that owes us favours and some other stuff ”

”okay, then how do we keep it a secret ” she said, looking at her ”just don tell anyone ” I said.

”are you forgetting due to our nature we are very good in the aspect of life, which makes it easier for those elders to find out even though I hide it with all my powers ” she said

”just try to hide it for some days until we find a way, and if you see anything suspicious, send me a signal and remember to run as fast as you can ” I said, to be honest I was scared, but as the guy I believe I should be the strong one.

shaking her head ”don be scared, I will do just fine, love you ” she said giving me a peck, returning the peck, I said ”I love you too ”

saying our goodbyes we separated, to meet again to fight the long war ahead of us.

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