Maria POV

I think I was scared for nothing, I thought he will abandon me, now when I think of it, it was stupid of me to think he would abandon me. sigh.

authors POV

on reaching the angel clan, Maria decided to go straight to her resident, after all she has to avoid the higher ups as much as possible.

the angel clan was a big clan in the style world, it main capital was on the air or the heavens as some may see it, it looked like a floating island from a distance, and it brilliance was very noticeable, with a tall castle at it middle were only important clan members can leave.

Maria is currently one of the core members, to be more exact she is currently one of the potential ruler of their clans in the near future, due to her prowess, so she is one of the most watched member of the clan and also had alot of enemies, both in her generation and the older generation.

In a well lit room Maria was sitted, in a lotus position meditating, she was looking for way to escape the eyes of the elders as much as possible.

knock, knock she heard a knock on her door, opening her eyes she used her spiritual sense to scan outside her room, just to discover one of her aunts who was an elder, she knew better than trusting familiar bonds, after all almost all core members of her clan were related in one way or the other.

coming to the door she opened, seeing the smiling woman face irritated her a lot, but as her elder, being disrespectful would cost her a lot, she just wished she could tell her to ** herself before escaping from this hell called heaven.

”any problem ” she said trying to sound and look as nice and respectful as possible ” don you want to see me ” her aunt said with thesame small and deceptive smile which she hates a lot.

”no, I was just cultivating ” Maria said with ”if I want to become the next head, I believe I have to give them as much gap as possible in strength ” Maria continued.

”thats nice ” her aunt said still smiling ”but the clan head would like to see you, I hope you can take out of your time to appear before her majesty ” her aunt said still slightly smiling.

Maria POV

Ive always hated this woman, so fake and deceptive, haa but I have no choice.

my aunt name is felisha, though shes not my only aunt or relative, shes still one of the most troublesome, not like she has a child of her own, then I can say she doesn want me to take anything from her child due to my beauty and prowess, though some older males keep praising me, saying stuff like I wish she was born in my generation. maybe thats the cuz of it, after her husband said that once and I think thats when it all started.

and sorry for my negligence, I didn introduce my self, my name is Maria Micheal, age 30, due to our powers our life span increases the stronger we get the longer we leave, some other races have their own anatomy giving them different lifespans and conditions to leave and grow.

I am one of the rearest individuals or prodigy to appear in my clan, in my world the low ranker is the peak strength an individual can reach, an it takes more than a hundred years to reach, and I am currently in the middle stages of the low ranker, bringing jealousy, hatred and discrimination on me.

bringing me out of my world was the opening of a door, it was a very familiar sight, Ive been here a lot of times for meeting and alot of stuff, but right now it was different, cuz my childs life depends on them not realizing it, taking a deep breath and preparing for the worst I stepped in.

looking around there were core members of our clan, varying from the clan head to the elders and some of the prodigies behind me in strength, and some of the important members of our clan.

looking at me one of the elders spoke up ”Maria you have been going out alot lately, care to share with us were you are always off too ” looking back at her ”I don have any reason to answer that ” I said acting with the cold appearance I have always shown to them

second elder ”are you saying you are above us ” he said with a angry look, I said without thinking much ”no, but I believe I have the right to go where I want without any need to answer to anyone ”.

”hmm ” the sound came from the partner of the clan head, you can see him as the male clan head, but he was weak and only got married to the clan due to his good genes, actually am one of the seeds of their experiment, as there call it to create a powerful ruler.

due to the sound he made, he attracted almost the whole house, everyone looking at him with strange looks, hate, contempt, pity and whatever reaction comes to mind.

”what ” he said, maybe trying to act ignorant of his actions ”look I know you guys don like me, and our clan main power goes to the females living the males with less voice ” he said ”as we can all see the next main candidate for the seat is also a female, ha ha ha ha ” I don know if hes crazy or something, though he had always been like that, I don know if to feel sorry for him.

”Maria what do you have to say for yourself ” said the clan head aka my mom, I think she was finally in the mood to speak, ”nothing much, just that I deserve freedom to live my life ” maybe I said something wrong but the whole room just became silent

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