Maria POV

the room was as good as I remembered, a beautifully lit room, with flowers of different varieties, all having beautiful appearance and nice fragrance, walking toward the sofa, I sat down without needing to be told anything, we are friends after all, if I can even sit down without her permission I won be here.

looking at her ”you still love flowers a lot, don you ” I said trying to start a conversation, ”yup I love flowers a lot, and it seems you know me alot, maria-san is so thoughtful, even remembering my likes ” she said, sounding like a child who jut received her birthday gift,

rolling my eyes ”I don think anyone will forget something like that about you ” I said, ”no only Maria-san will remember that ” she said clenching her fist like she has decide to do something very important.

”I have something important to ask of you ” I said, surveying the room for signs or clues that pointed to us being spied on, ” you can ask anything from me maria-san, I will try my best to do it for you ” she said, sounding enthusiastic I don really know why she sounds so serious, not like I mind that.

”I need to leave heaven ” I said going straight to the point, looking at me in a strange way ”why do you need my help for that ” she asked, sounding more surprise than suspicious.

”due to my recent exploit, the clan council has decided to put me on house arrest ” I said, pausing to look at her expression ”so I can leave, and I really have something to do outside now, that I can tell the clan ” I said, maybe made a mistake coming to her for help but its too late for regret.

”I will help you ” she said sounding determined ”no matter the cause ” she said sounding even more hyped.

mercy POV

I don really know what she wants to do or understand it, all I know and care about is that a smile appears on her beautiful face.

authors POV

unknown to both girls there was someone lurking in the dark waiting for a chance to make his move.

what a surprise, why would she plan to escape with so many eyes on her, oohh this will be one heck of a happy day for me thought the stranger.

Maria decided to prepare for her escape with the help of mercy, mercy is a cheerful type of girl and due to her character, they didn see much use in her making one of the free core members who live in the main castle, which makes her the best choice for her plan.

clang, whoossh, with a loud sound showing the clash of two weapons, the dust flew by with debris and cracks covering a huge distance, showing how strong and destructive the clash was, ”how did you know ” Maria said trying to catch her breath, though her plan had many flaws it would have still bought her much time than this.

smiling ”ooh my sweetheart what do you take me for ” said the stranger sounding relaxed and confident ”you should know better than this, my ability is something that even that bitch saw something good and worth her time in ” he said sounding scornful and maybe proud.

”who else knows ” maria asked, trying to probe her enemy network further ”not like it matters, but if it makes you relax even a little, then I will say only me, but it can change anytime ” smiling ”I hope you no that ” he said.

Maria POV

thats all I needed to know, hes not an impossible Target for me, its finally time to contact Liam, activating the seal inscribed on my chest I felt a tingle inside my chest close to my heart, ”thanks for the information ” I said

churning my core, i drawed out energy sending it to my bow, I drew it with all my strength sending it straight for him, as if reading my movements he moved out of the way, trying to close the little distance Ive managed to create, while trying avoiding my arrow.

to his surprise, the arrow bursted up, spreading light at the level to blind even a normal person close eyes, without any warning he disappeared from my sight, unlucky for him I already had an overall idea of his real ability, and my was not really meant to him, it was only meant to do this.

transforming my bow into a long spear I stabbed his core directly, his heart or head would have been a good choice but I had my reasons, using one of my skills I locked the damaged core in a box.

The core was a very important part of every being, taking it out was not easy but if successful it can render that being useless which she just did, with shock in his eyes ”how ” he asked, walking past his bleeding body ”just had to mark you location, and due to your weak body and strength the rest was easy ” I said, and I believed I answered as a way of fulfilling his last wish or something like that.

But the wicked smile I saw on his when I looked at him said a whole different story, I could feel it ** he had a way of communicating over long distance, how could I forget something so basic, I rushed towards trying to stop anything on his agenda, but I was to late cuz I could feel it that pressure, it was Mary.

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