emperor style

Bloom firing

sometime before the fight

Maria POV

after convincing mercy to help the rest was easy, I just had to make her look like me, it was a technique I learnt in the house of God.

The house of God is a domain owned by the angels top clan micheal based on our history we are said to be descendants of a great angel known as Micheal whos one of the top angels under our God, so our clan was named after him, and all the core and important members of the clan got that name, in short anyone staying in the main castle has that name on them.

back to the main topic the house of God is a domain that has existed for many years, to be more precise it is said to have existed in the beginning of our clan, and also the place were promising youth go to train.

This is actually the first time I am showing someone my technique other than Liam, since I have decided to trust her I don see any problem in going all out with this.

starting the process I shaped her whole appearance to look exactly like mine not leaving a single detail out of the equation, without wasting much time I shaped myself to look like her.

after finishing the procedure I asked her to act exactly like which she was actually good at, letting her leave the room, I followed shortly behind heading to one of mercy joint were she was always seen.

going through everything well so not to be suspected, after spending a little time at her joints I followed a hidden pathway out of heaven, it was a pathway I used as a kid when I want to see outside of my home, without wasting time I spend towards my destination.

currently outside heaven

authors POV

Maria was really shocked and scared, she knew if Mary got here her whole plan would be for nothing, thats how strong she was that not even Liam and her combined can leave a scratch on her body, due to her innate abilities she could feel her pressure, and the gap was closing very fast.

peak low rankers were really scary, for her to cover such distance in seconds only shows a little of how strong she is, without thinking much Maria gave a punch filled with power to mark (her father) crushing his skull.

she started running at full speed toward her destination hoping to at least meet up with mark before facing against Mary, to her dismay a blanket of pressure covered her without giving her a chance to think or run.

”I knew something was wrong ” said mary with no emotion or so on her cold face ”why did you do this ” she continued, removing her eyes from the corpse to look at Maria.

”you are really fast ” Maria said ”I guess I will have to go out even if I die in the process ” she continued, sounding resigned to her fate and determined.

”so I was right, the father of that child is that demon kid ” Mary said, saying Maria was shocked would be a lie, though she could feel Liam coming it was due to their connection, but she was able to tell, is that really how powerful they are she thought.

”i would really like to see what you two will create, but as we all know the child won survive, right ” Mary said

Maria POV

I don know how to reply to her words, not because am scared of her, but what she said is true demons and angel are very different species and also powerful, many have tried mixing their genes to create monsters.

but as history and all I have seen tell none of those experiment survived, they were like abominations rejected by the world, holding back the tear that was threatening to drop off my eyes ”I will find a way ” I said.

”stop saying nonsense ” Mary said ”If you take the childs life I will be willing to forgive you ” she continued, sounding all righteous like she always did.

”** you ” I yelled, channeling every single bit of power source I have in my body, I activated all the runes I got during my adventures, activating my weapon true form and also transforming into my true form ready to fight to the death.

authors POV

Maria in her true form, had white wings, shining brightly with a lot of brilliance, her hair taking a golden colour, her outfit transformed into a golden armour with a lot of power in them, her bow had arcanic runes all over it, with its size increasing by alot.

not waiting for anybody she knocked an arrow on her bow, firing at Mary with a lot of speed and velocity, the arrow reached in front of Mary within micro seconds, raising only a finger Mary stopped the arrow without any effort redirecting toward her side, on impact to the ground a loud explosion was heard causing tremors in the surrounding vicinity.

Liam POV

with the amount of energy coming from that direction, I could tell that a huge battle was going on there and I could feel Maria presence there, increasing my speed to the highest I could, I started closing in.

finally arriving at the site my first view was of a battered up Maria and a beautiful lady looking at her like an insect, it really pissed me off, with my blood bioling I rushed towards the lady.

”so you are the one that captured my daughter heart ” she said, using only her finger to send me flying, I would have done the same thing I did to Damien with her, but I could only exert that pressure on demons and I am sure of he really wanted to chase me he would have gotten me, I can only thank Lilith for reaching here.

without wasting time on the topic, I moved towards her ”you are really troublesome, I guess I will have to kill you now ” she said.

I could see the tears on Maria eyes, and though her mouth was opened taking the shape of an O I couldn hear any sound, praying to what ever that exist above to protect her I smiled, ready to go down while using every little strength in me to hurt her.

but the pressure coming from her was too strong and almost about to destroy me, and it suddenly disappeared like it didn exist at first.

Maria POV

I thought everything is over, both if seems I am wrong, cuz we were protected.

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