emperor style

anger and hatred

author POV

”why didn I get invited for the party ” the newcomer asked ”ooh the angel queen is here, now I understand ” he continued, with a tone which implied he was trying to crack a joke.

”why are you here ” Mary asked, not hiding her discontent with the mans interference ”you see, I owe those little fella a favour, you can say this is my way of paying them back ” he said, in a somber tone.

”do you know the consequence of what you are doing ” Mary asked, sounding more agitated ”I don care about your rules, lets just get to the point and start fighting, and Liam I will advise you and your to start escaping, there are more coming, and I don want to be out as the villain in this story I have a lot to protect ” he said ”I will clear a part for you ” he continued creating a dome, separating Liam and Maria from them.

Liam POV

I didn think he would show up, an all powerful clan leader like him wouldn care about the favours we did for him just like his mates, but he did and am really grateful for that.

my main mission is to get Maria to safety and I will do my best to see this through.

author POV

Liam picked up Maria and started heading north towards the no mans land.

”do you know what you are doing ” Mary said ”not really, but a promise is a promise ” he said.

moving swiftly, Mary punched out sending tremors to the surrounding, dodging the punch and using his leg to aim for her tommy, she was immediately protected by a armour reducing the damage and due to the force of the kick some distance was created between them.

*Dragons are really tough ” Mary said, observing the make on her tommy plate. ”haa don underestimate us cause we act like barbarians, we are the real power house of this world ” he said with a prideful look on his face.

”bastard I will kill you ” she shouted, loosing her calm and holy domenour ”finally showing your true colors bitch ” he said, with a scornful look on his face

”I will make sure you don get what you want ” he said realising his pressure with scales appearing on his skin, ”you will regret this ” Mary shouted.

suddenly a white light fell from heaven transforming her dress to a white and shining armor, with a long white sword appearing on her hands, her wings expanded giving the surrounding a white glow, her hair just like her dress was white colour.

without wasting much time the man started taking up his true form, with red scales coming out of his body, growing a tail and transforming to something similar to a lizard, with his size increasing every second, and hear emanating from his body, he currently looked like a fire and heat source.

rrrrrroarrr, roaring to the sky he charge forward, burning everything in his part even the air, flying forward Mary collide with him using her sword which he in turn used his hand to stop, like a crazed angel she kept on hitting without giving him a chance to react, from her fighting style you can deduct that her main aim was not defeating him, but getting past him.

due to her sudden crazed attack he had to step back giving her a chance to move past him towards the direction were the two love birds fled too.

”how dare you try to fool the dragon King loom firing ” he roared charging towards her with hate and anger.

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