Having a crush

Kim Tari in the mid way of her school accidentally she bump to Park min jea. she said sorry to him and her eyes lock into his charm. She totally forget about school and her eyes stuck on Park min jea.He walk away but tari hearts is her on top racing. then Song sun come see Kim tari that her stuck her eyes on the way Park min jea. Song sun keep calling her name and the she come to her conscious. both of them run to their school because they are late. afer the running finnally they coming there school in time .they go to the classroom and bell ring. teacher called there name after the name calling she introduced a transfer student Park min jea.

Kim tari notice that she bump into him on her way. She is happy and nervous because now her first sight crush now his classmate. she doesn know that he is the cousin of song sun.

now class is begin English, history, physics, chemistry, biology, maths.

In the math class Kim tari was sleeping and teacher notice that and then teacher go close to Kim tari and shouted and scared her and ask to solve the problem on the board but Kim tari can solve and she outed by the teacher to the classroom.after maths class lunch time is begin Kim tari and Song sun go to the canteen for there Lunch. because of antisocial personality Kim tari mostly distanced the students thats why most of the students don like her and some time bully her Kim tari is a nice girl with nasty temper. she is caring and most of time control her temper. and today also during lunch time she was bullied by other girls but today she can control her temper and fight them. during fight teacher come and stop that. she punished Kim tari and the bullies to clean the classroom together. after all the classes finished Kim tari stoped and clean the classroom and other is left teacher see this that Kim tari cleaning alone . after the cleaning she goes to her house . her mother slap her and ask her how come she late her mother most of the temper realease on her but she never complained about it . her mother as much as humiliate her and love as much as her little brother but she never hated her mother. After a long day and fighting and humiliation Kim tari go to her room for studies and come out the room only for dinner. After the dinner she done the late night study and sleep

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