exam are finished after that song sun. and park min jae planning a trip and asked about the trip to Kim tari but she refused it because she had to care her brother and the house mess all the time.

on vacations she found out that parents is about to divorce and her parents ask her to where want to she live her brother is always follow her mom. after the quite discussion Kim tari and her parents decided that she live in hostel on the vacations she spend there time with them.

After the vacations over she back to her school and decided to confess her feelings to park min jae. she gathered all her courage and confess her by a yellow ? rose and a ✉️ letter park min jea read it.

in the letter

first time we met coincidently but that coincidence is most beautiful movement in my life and I want that in future when Im with you we create most beautiful movement of our life.

i Kim tari today confess my feelings to you park min jea

i like you

can you be my boyfriend.

when min jea read that letter he is very happy and run towards Kim tari.

Kim tari is on the roof of school building then min jae there appeared and hug her and say that I like you to.

after that min jae and tari decide to when we have a right time we told to everyone about our relationship.kim tari is veri happy and shy that time. after some time she is in deep thought and become sad she knows that after her parents divorce she has to change the school for her parents convience. but she wants to enjoy her time with park min jae.

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