head to the new life

Kim tari enjoy her beautiful movements and she doesn know hows Time fly.

mid term are begin to start and relationship is also growing smoothly song sun Kim tari and park min jae are all start there study group to the next week and try to make a good result. after week there group studies will start. there studies continue nicely during group studies all want to break so she went out to buy some snacks to all of them. but she forget her wallet in the study room when she back to bring her purse she heard conversation of park min jea and song sun. song sun ask park min jae what about our bet to approach Kim tari. on out side of the gate Kim tari heard everything about there bet and she opened the door she slapped park min jae and said seriously Im the on a thing for both of you to bet song sun i really disappointed with you you are my best friend and you bet over me both of you play with my feelings you be ashamed yourself both of you and ask them to never contact her. they feel sorry and think about it. after that Kim tari spend there time alone and ignore park min jae and song sun .

then mid term will be star at that time park min jea realise his feelings towards Kim tari and decided to confess and say sorry to hear after mid term and song sun decided to apologise to Kim tari for her behaviour.song sun and park min jae don know that her parents about to divorce during mid term her parents will be seperated and she tranfer to new high school at that time song sun and park min jae to regret her actions after they found out about her parents and her transfer. they realise their mistakes but they don have a chance to apologise to her.

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