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Chapter Seven boyfriend and girlfriend

Shasha waited while reading a book and Xeon was making the brunch for Shasha while mumbling ~ ” I just wanted to live but I have to serve a girl who is not so special master said that I will live because of someone special , I don see anything special in her she just an arrogant , Moody and childish there are more but I should stop I just have to live here until I found a house to live in , I think Im forgetting something that master said to me well if I don remember then it must be not important ” ,

after a while Xeon stop mumbling because he was done making brunch for Shasha and him , Xeon go to Shasha who was reading while waiting for her brunch , he set the food on table and tell Shasha to come eat , Shasha come to the table and sit , Shasha turned and looked at Xeon and said

” First address me as madam second when madam eats means me , butler should stand means you ” , Xeon said while he bang on the table ” you… ” Shasha pointed herself then Xeon said ” yes you listen carefully I may have agree to do the house chores but Im not a servent of yours so just eat ” , Shasha laugh and said in dramatic way , ” attitude I like it but that doesn mean you can talk to me like this and if you have so much pride then you can go through that door and never come back ” Shasha act like she was blowing cigarette smoke

Xeon look at Shasha acting and said ” can you be serious right now ” Shasha turned said ” you
e no fun okay I won tell you to call me madam good now let me eat or the food will become cold ” they both sit and started eating Shasha take a bite of food and said ” it so tasty I have never eaten something so tasty ” listening to Shasha Xeon said ” Im pretty sure your mom have made better than mine though ”

after that there was dead silent after a while Shasha said almost in whisper ” she never did ” Xeon didn heard clearly but seeing Shasha look sad he said breaking the awkward silent ” yo you look so bad you really look like a silly girl ” Shasha laugh thinking how hard Xeon trying to make her happy and said ” Im not silly you are ” Xeon seeing her laugh he feel relieve and said ” yes I am ”

then Shasha said why you are not eating lets eat after that Shasha finish her food first and said ” okay Im done eating and it was tasty while you are eating think what you
e going to make for dinner I want to eat something tasty and Im going in my room to take a nap don distribute me okay ” Xeon said ” okay ” Shasha go to her room and close the door and go to her bed to sleep she put her pillow on her face and start crying she cried for an hour then fall asleep , Xeon was outside and he listen Shasha crying and when she fall asleep

Xeon said ” I should never bring her mom again when we talk [ he get the idea why Shasha get upset] and I should make something to make her feel better ” , Xeon spend his time thinking how to make Shasha feel better and Shasha spend her time sleeping in her room until evening , she wake up and go to living room when she go to sofa to seat Shasha see Xeon is writing something Shasha look at him and said ” what are you writing that make you absent minded that you didn even notice me tell me ”

Xeon didn look at her so she snapped in front of his face and said ” yo what are you writing ” Xeon said demands and rules for living here listening to that Shasha said ” huh…. Im the one who should write the rules and demand ” Xeon said ” you didn do that so Im doing it , first demand ” Shasha said ” wait I didn said Im going to alow it ” ,

Xeon said ” why not its not that hard you can alow it , first listen and then decide ” Shasha said ” no not gonna happen unless you let me interfere , if I don like I should be able to change it ” Xeon said ” okay but first listen I don think you can deny it ” Shasha said ” okay ” but she was thinking about how to interfere because Xeon looks confident

Xeon said ” okay First demand I need my own bathroom ” Shasha said ” definitely you going to use different one you think Ill let you enter in my bathroom no ” Xeon said ” I know so tell me where should I go to ” , Shasha said you should use bathroom which is in second bedroom okay ” Xeon said ” okay now second demand I want to have my own bed ” Shasha said ” what you say , you want ” Xeon said ” my own bed ” Shasha said ” no its expansive ” Xeon said ” then where Im going to sleep , Im not sleeping on sofa its cramped I need my own bed ” Shasha said ” okay I have something like a bed so Ill let you have that ”

Xeon said ” then where is my room ” Shasha said ” your room now you want your own room why ” , Xeon said ” think about it you wake up in midnight and you want to drink water but your water bottle is empty , so you thought to go to kitchen for water , so you come out of your room and you are walking towards the kitchen you stop at living room sofa you see a shadow then that shadow became big and come to you , you scream , [ Shasha also scream ] so loud that you get a heartattack and die and your soul come out of your body and see what it was it was just me sleep walking so , its okay right not to give me a bed right , then Im going to sleep here on the sofa its okay right ”

Shasha said ” ~NO~ I mean you should sleep in second bedroom I will clean it a little for you to sleep and the second bedroom is yours when its night and in morning its mine okay ” Xeon said ” why ” Shasha ” I practice my art so , you don want me to use the room in the morning ” Xeon said ” no its okay now lets move to rules so you can not enter my room without my permission ok ” Shasha said ” okay same to you , ” and Xeon said ” you
e not going to complain about the food I make okk ” Shasha said ” no what if I don like the food ”

then Xeon said ” then don eat ” Shasha said ” what if Im allergic to some food ” Xeon said ” then tell me in advance what you are allergic too ” Shasha think to herself ” I really am not allergic to anything in food Im a big foodie what should I do now lets just say okay ” and Shasha said okay

Xeon and Shasha discuss it for an hour Whenever Xeon suggest something Shasha deny first and then end up agreeing to Xeon after that Xeon go to kitchen to make make food after asking what Shasha wants to eat and they eat and go to sleep Shasha go to her room with two water bottles so she don come out of her bedroom for water ,

the second bedroom was not clean so Xeon sleep on the sofa …. in midnight ….Xeon dreaming ….. in Xeons dream… ”master when can I go out of this painting I also wanna see the world you live and I want to have fun too ” , Master~~ ” Xeon you going to see the world I live in when someone special make you come out of this painting you going to learn about the world they live in ” , Xeon~ ” is it different from your world ” , Master~~ ” no but its going to happen in future so its going to be different from the present ” , Xeon~ ” then master Ill be able to live by myself if someone special make me come out of the painting ” , Master~~ ” sure but you have to make them believe in magic in a month or you going to end up waiting for new special one okay now done , you should start waiting for your special someone now I should go now , oh I have written everything in this book okay its always going to help you when you need now then Ill come to talk to you tomorrow okay …. ” in dream master started leaving then Xeon start yelling ” no master don go please Ill will be alone here ” please crying and begging Xeon wake up from dream…..hah…hah after walking Xeon drink water . ,

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