You are monsoon wrapped in the skin of girl the day your aunt

Tells you how you must act in front of boys

Girls like you must never look them in the eye

Don forget what happens when boys look in the direction of girls

That carry the sky in their eyes and

The world weighing down on their shoulders

Girls who have seen great sadness very young look vulnerable,

Like prey and some men are wolves. They will eat you alive.

You are too hungry inside your own sadness, and when you love,

You love like torrential rain. Heavy and intense

You are you soft hearted and hard headed,

And she is afraid how many around you can see that as weakness.

Some people will want to feed on the soul that you call your soul,

Drain the good from it, leave the confusion for you to handle.

Those are the people you need to run from, but like a magnet,

Those are the people that attract you the most.

Its as if you are on self destruct mode,

Unable to stop yourself from falling in love with damaged things,

Even wild ones that bare teeth to rip you apart

When you grow closer to touch them

The first time you have your heart broken, it is in the rain

You are so much like a big empty dark room

Full of forgotten things that were once loved too deeply,

Lit up the lightening of a thunderstorm

The thing is, he explains,

Girls like you should be loved completely or not at all,

And the truth is, even when you are in pain,

You don hate him for this.

Actually, his leaving you also left you with the knowledge that you needed

Before loving him. to walk into that room, turn on the light

And love those things inside yourself before anyone else can love them

The second time you have your heart broken, it is in the rain.

This time, you stand there.

Letting the water wash over you and your tears

You are learning from the rain how she never cries or apologizes when she falls

There will come a morning, when you are drinking tea

And looking out the window at the rainfall,

That you have been looking for answers in the arms of people

Who want to treat you like you are the sun, but you are not.

You are monsoon

And you are really beginning to realize that carrying the rain under your skin,

And the calm before a storm in your eyes is a blessing not a curse

One night when you are watching storm,

You will understand what she and you have in common

You are both lonely creatures

The difference is that the storm loves her lonely so much

That she lets it dance and sing as loudly as she wants,

Whereas you despise yours

That is the day you learn to love your lonely

That is the day you learn to love yourself

Because you realize you are a hurricane trapped in the body of a girl

And you don need someone who can survive your storm

You are simply in dire need of loving the hurricane, the thunder,

The lightening, the dangerous beauty that makes you whole

The day Angelina chose to change was clearly difficult for her. It was currently a piece of her used to be a casualty, however the other part likewise persuaded herself not any longer. She had enough. Enough of this entire tiring crap. Why she is the one to cry generally. She gained thing from this awful world.

Your aggravation is just yours, no other person. The world will involve you to their benefit and when you are nothing else of their requirements, they won squander one moment to discard your reality like it was never there.

This sadness and mercilessness of world prompts topping off of sharpness in her heart. She got nothing left except for just scorn for this world.

Just for her acknowledge the amount of an unexpected development this scorn will be for her…

She waked up ordinarily yet began her change from her home first. Particularly by her mom. Preparing she went first floor. Deliberately late so her mom won set up the demonstration of being a decent mother by going all affectionate for her.

Goodness Honey, here you are come have your lunch her mom peeped in a wiped out sweet voice. Angelina disturbed saw her then commented vacant, I had it as of now. Ok when did you eat it, I don saw you descending. She just remained so her mom investigated once more, What is with this tone love? I asked you something. Murmuring from torment on her new injuries the previous evening and moaning from the façade of her mom she answered, The previous evening, I had it. Did you fail to remember it. The sleepers and punches you feed me with? Accept me the taste is as yet present. However, the thing is it is absent inside my mouth yet on my entire body. Her mom got too stunned by Angelinas fits of rage. What are you referring to cherish? her mom buttered her phony voice once more. Gracious if its not too much trouble, stop with this drama of yours, call love and honey to another person since Im not one. Her mom approached her and got her arm rather brutally yet kept that phony grin of hers. She immediately glanced around and afterward squeezed Angelina arm brutally once more. Keep your voice low darling, your dad is at home, huh. Would you like to tell him this?

Goodness, shouldn he realized about his better half being harmful to his girl once he left or had a conflict with her? asked Angelina nonchalantly. Darling, not today please he will be upset and you are familiar the results. I beseech you don tell him her mom mentioned. Try not to tell him? Like you are simply so narcissistic individual that as opposed to saying sorry for every one of your deeds and useless beatings you should simply say not tell him? Truly? You are letting me know you won stop? Her mom curved and snapped her brutally and said in a soft tone, You poo, what is don give you? Still you can quiet down you thankless kid.. Her mom continues to yank her and victory entire fits of rage through gritted teeth. Angelina upheld by snapping her arms strongly in air. In the wake of getting free she frowned at her mom and said gazing profound into her circles.

You? What did you give me mother? Tell? All beatings! A free punching pack for you! You never ask me how was my day! Did I eat! Acclaim me for my achievements! You should simply severely thrash me once I arrive at home she stopped quickly then grinned prior to proceeding, Still you couldn care less about the harm you have done to me, all you are concerned is about your phony and vindictive standing before Father her mom eyes enlarged finally words making sneer all the rage developed more. Surmise I was correct. You are truly worried about yourself as it were. In any case, you understand what mother enough of this entire show. I won bear your beatings. Beat me once again and I will document a body of evidence against you. Angelina said shrugging her shoulder.

You minx, you are compromising your own mother? How dare you? her mom lifted a hand to slap her in midways saying, Nobody will trust you, in the event that you told anybody you would be out of this house, perpetually, Like I care Angelina casually answered trusting that the smack will hit her face so she can make her next stride. However, her moms hand that was brought up in air to slap Angelina was come by, in all honesty.

Her own Dad…

Angelina saw her dads face that was smoldering out of resentment and was taking a gander at her derangedly. Her moms face wound into a combination of dread and shock, her lips were moving however words couldn emerge from her mouth. Gracious, Honey I… she couldn finish when Angelinas dad yanked her hand away brutally and asked her with an extreme gaze. How long? Her mom begins to act ignorant and ask, What honey? Her dad passing glare develops as he says, You better understand what Im referring to, presently spill the tea or you believed me should do likewise with you that you did to Angelina

Her mom stammered and checked out then said head hanging low, One month One month? Angelinas dad affirmed and her mom gestured head in endorsement. Sanctuary was her dads previous statement going to Angelina then inquire as to whether, On the off chance that I am on the right track then it should be from recent year and one month. Doesn it? Angelinas eyes augmented as she just gestured her head in awe.

I realized it something was up when you generally wore full sleeves garments and more obscure shades. At the point when I asked her for what good reason you do this so she rushed to reaction in her terrible lying tone that Its your recent fad explanation Genuinely I am so sorry love. You experienced this as a result of me. In any case, not any longer. Tell me once she do this to you and she needs to hold on for outcomes.

Angelina just gestured her head and was going to go when…

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