”Waddup people of Dexter Highhhh its yo gurl Cora Adams…. ” thats my friend cora the girlfriend to that dumb basketball player lakers well cora is a tall melanin beauty with curves, when i say curves, i mean curves. She has a thick dark hair and her eyes are caramel brown you can imagine what a beauty she is ,well ,Im proud to have her as a friend ”and your favorite bitchhhhh Hailey Devonnnn….. ”, ”Haileeeey…. ”Cora shouted ”well pardon my words ” Hailey apologized mockingly.

Hailey is also my friend, shes the shortest amongst us and also the feistiest one amongst us,shes a Caucasian with red hair and crazy red eyes she has the cutest pink lips and dimples well shes really wild and don care what people say about her.

Well i got to my locker and took the books that i needed then i closed my locker and i saw Zuri staring at me smiling,

”Heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy Faygo ”she said to me smiling knowing fully well how i get pissed when she calls me that,

Well zuri is also my friend we have almost same features buh she had blues eyes nd golden brown curly hair she had dimples like hailey and shes caramel in complexion if thats a thing

”Zuriiiiiiii how many times do i have to tell you call me Fay ”?i asked her.

Actually thats the short form for my name,well my name is Favorite Valentino i have dark brown eyes Im caramel skinned with pink lips and straight dark hair,

Im 17 same as zuri and hailey, Cora is the youngest in our friend group

Shes 16

”Heyyyy bitches ”hailey said as she put her hands around me

Just then Lakers and his team passed by us ”hey babe ” he said as he grabbed Cora by her waist and kissed her,

”Ok ok ok we get it you two are dating please can you get out now ”zuri said as she sent death glares to Lakers

”Cmon zuri you don need to be that harsh to my snookie poo ” cora said as she winked at Lakers as they left snookie poo is what she calls him,oh well,

”Snookie poo?cmon you all just sicken me ”

Zuri said as she fake pukes.

The bell rang and Zuri and i rushed to chemistry class

But we were too late and mrs.heather was already there,

”Well well well miss Zuri and miss Favor why are you late to my class,yet again ”

She asked and everyone stared at us,me being all good and not wanting the whole class eyes on me , i quickly apologized but Zuri kept cussing her under her breath,

This should be the last time you come to my class late understood ?

She said then, i replied ” yes maam ,thank you maam ”

As we got into the class Zuri muttered to herself

”Bitch ” she said said, ”Huh what was that Zuri?mrs.Heather asked,i swear that woman can hear literally everything,which makes me wonder if she could also hear our heartbeats ,

”I just got something in my throat thats all ”

Zuri said as she rolled her eyes and went her seat

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