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The storys of the worlds

Oh… finally someone to talk to, they can hear me or see me, but you. You are different from them… who are you? Oh me? Sorry for my manners, my name is Lyan, the creator of this universe or should I say the creator of the first story.

Oh yes, you
e probably here for me to explain the rules of this universe, aren you? Well to be totally honest, I don know myself.

What? You expected me to know everything? May I remind you that I only created an empty shell, I did not create the worlds inside. I only wrote the first story, I didn write the second, the one you know was written by 17 or should I call them Q.H.?

Im sure you know who I mean anyway. You can leave now, I have nothing interesting for you, dear reader. Or do you wish to know more about me ? Oh how cute of you. Yes, yes i know you don really have a choice in the matter do you ?

Yeah sorry about that you were never supposed to end up here anyway this isn a safe place. In fact this is an never ending cycle, no happy ever after here, or no everyone just dies of ending too.

It just keeps playing again, again, and again, be aware, here lies become reality and reality becomes a lie there is no going back there is no forgiving or forgetting what you did or what you tried to do.

Maybe you think you can save them all but really who told you, that you could ? Some of them are too far gone to be saved just save yourself nophing is worth saving here. No even me, is deserve to be alone here for ever stuck watching my creations suffer or die.

Please understand… There is no saving everyone, no making everybody friend, no happy ever after. But hey who i am to stop you from trying i can really do anything now can i ?

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