[ ” this witch., she really needs to learn what it means to fall in love. ”..]*******************,,,,,,,,*************

hello friends.,

happy easter.!! Am nicarove bluely by my authors name…am just a new author in the webnovel.,just thought of sharing my fantasy romance story.!! this is my very first time to update in webnovel and am very proud to do so.,I believe I can do my best in bringing whats best to my dear readers. am slow but I want to make it a sure..I hope I can bring you all into liking this amazing love story of a beautiful tycoon CEO lady and the handsome guy who at the peek of his healing of losing his dear wife, he is forced to bring himself to a never happening marriage contract with the fearful tycoon CEO lady…

>>>> [## pinna thought., she mighty have never been beautiful enough to beat her sisters beauty..but she is one way lucky enough to have love and lost than not loving at all..

but time still heals., she still wants to see how her sister

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