coming out from his office in a hurry, chris walked toward the parking lot. there he gets into the car and drives out immediately, leaving the spot he was.

setting his earpiece device and connect it to his phone.,he makes a sudden phone call.

On the other side of the call.,peter was laying lazily on his bed, with only the lower part of his body covered with a white sheet., his naked wide hard chest supported a hairy ladys head and her naked breasted chest while his abs where slowly and gently caressed with tendering stead movements of that ladys soft fingers. she was laying on top of him naked.

”Mmh., brother. ” he uttered with his one hand holding the phone and the other hand busy brushing off the stray strands of hair on her face tagging them right behind her ears pinna.

”Gotten better.,you should know how stubborn you where yesterday. ”

” thus not what I called for., ”

”Mmh tell me.,what is it this now!? ”

”The DNA test records.,give me the details about it. which hospital, the doctor and report writer.,I want to personally check it again ”

”its runah.,you won bring yourself to believe in the truth.,I was there and I made sure there wouldn be any flaws in….. ”

”..peter!! ”…he bugged within his Talks.,he was asking about his wife but peter was taking this very simple..he frown really hard if he was near him, peter wouldn miss a punch from him.

”ok.,ok.,fine!!! am sending you the file.,give me a second. ” then he hanged up the phone…searching the file in his phones documents…peter was aware of chris situation.,but he wished for Chris to bring himself into admitting the truth that his wife was already dead and move on from the break he was.

his best friend was still young, at his thirties.,he can just live single for the rest of his life just mourning for his gone wife.

after sending the file….he too gets himself off the bed..leaving the woman laying firmly on it….cleaned himself and got himself ready to go out..

”i sent the amount in your account ”….he said to her as he close the last button of his shirt..and bends his head pressing his lips on hers

” your sweet baby.!! ” he said and winked at her as he picks his phone and car keys on the table and walks out the room..


”Aahm.!! Sorry mister., doctor su has taken a work off holiday.! I suggest you come weeks after., ”

” then,recommend another doctor to perform the DNA test again. ”

”wait.,I will check the doctor who aren occupied by the time. ”

”make sure its a professional one.! ”

wearing a poker face chris said to the nurse attending his presence.

”yes. ” she replied and turned to the screen of computer front of her, working on it. she secretly steals alot of stares from chris face..he was mesmerizing his appearance was so gorgeous,she was attracted to his godly looks..and when chris turned to look at her,she gave him a very seductive smile.,chris frowned at the disgusting character she shown.

”can you make it abit faster ” his heavy cold voice popped out as it suddenly brought jolts of fear with the nurses body.

”aa.aah, a am done. ” she stuttered within her talks

chris never cared as long as it was done..

then she handed him a card that directed him to the room he was supposed to go.

he quickly walks out from there.,has the eyes of that nurse silently sent him off completely.. Even his back was gorgeous she wondered.

Their personal family doctor michael was also out on his own business trip.,chris thought of not bothering him instead, he had to take any of the professional doctor from there, in fact the first DNA test was also done here, so all the records and other things needed could definitely be easily available from here.

After sometime he walked out from the doctors room.And just then outside,he sees peter leaning against his car that was parked beside his owns. he was waiting for him.

”how did it go? ” peter questioned

but chris didn even seem to bother answering his question..he reached out his hand to open the door of his car,but in flash peter was already on it too, resisting him from opening it…chris didn frown neither was he angry he just sighed softly and look away.

”thus it.,am sorry with my response early ” he said looking very regretful.,to only bring a smirk on chris lips..peter retreat his hand off the car and heavily let in his breath and slowly took it out.,about to say something again but his words left unsaid as a sudden call interrupt his action.

The man holding the knob of the cars door quickly lift his hand off it to pick the phone inside his trousers pockets.,chloe/it was his lovely young sister.

”Brother.,I think you should come home first.,mother lately collapsed. she is.. ” chloe couldn even finish what she was about to say, his brother had already cut off the call.,hurry opening the door and get inside it and drive out.

” Am heading home.,!! ” he said before completely driving away..peter who was left confused slightly understood that there was something wrong at was already sunsetting., he gets into his car and follow up behind him.

with his driving skills and the speed he was using. it didn even take took long for him to arrive and step inside the building and rush to see his mother inside her room only to find her sitting peaceful on bed with her legs laid straight on the mattress and her back leaning against the headboard slat. her hands were holding glass of warm water..!! seeing that image of hers, he breath out gladly..Mrs wang smiles at him.

” Son. ”…. she said.,and chris takes a step towards her.,she places the glass on the table beside, has chris sits near her and held her hand squeezing it slowly. ”

”mother. ” he sounded very low ,his voice carrying all kind of love and fear in hide away his frighten eyes, he rocks them on the spot of their hands.

”I am fine.,it was just a headache. a little faint won mean anything.. ” she said.,while looking at him.,her son was there squeezing her hands warmly but didn say anything.

”you all care alot and worry too much ” .she said and smiled.

”Son..,you are a responsible brother.,and was a responsible husband and am sure one day you will be a responsible father too.! ”

” I know how upset you are with your father.,at this time neither will I blame you.,I don even deserve to, its hard to take it all.,but I hope in due time. you will bring yourself to understand situation your father is in right now, you should know.,its not easy for him too..he only want the best for you and your sister. so don blame him for being that harsh to you.. ”

last day she couldn bring herself to say this all to him..its almost getting third week of his wifes death but his son looks restless trying hard to bring the where else about of his wife that he believes is not a mother she pities him.,and wish he moves on.,that would only be the possible way better for him.even though it was so cruel but to atleast let him admit the death of his wife and just let it be.

”son. ” she said again and right before she uttered another word. chris raised his head to face her mother and placed his both hands on her head brushing her hair..

” isn this the perfect time for you to rest.,you should get some sleep now mother.,and get better very soon. ” he said to her in his sweetest most voice..and pulled his neck up to place his lips on the fore skin of her head..and stood up helping her to lay straight on bed.

his mother smiles and chris walks out the room..,small balls of tears threatening to roll down his eyes…but he drove them away before they could fall..he heard his mother.,he understood her.

with the incident of Mrs wang., will definitely remain home to look after his wife..

so he, himself was going.,its chris who was expecting to meet up with molly and propose his contract marriage or maybe something worst than that at the gala night this dark time.

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