just has molly was driving out her luxurious car from home. there comes another brand new car expensive one that shows the wealthy of the owner. A big beautiful mansion owned by the two heiress. isn just a place one can enter freely..but this car of course it should be extraordinary for the security system to throw down their guards.

someone in it must have been having a good connection with the family.the car arrives front of the house.and someone is seen to come out of it

….wait.,look who is coming..

A tall, good looking, and eye catching young man, owning a shinny and fair skin, with a perfect male body figure just perfect enough to attract any lady at a first sight.

locked his car and walked calming toward the entrance of the house.

his coming in bumps into the eyes of niana who was two steps down from upstairs..

”I need to talk to her just this now .! ” he uttered confidently pushing his hand into his trouser pockets..

” the miss is very tired. she just arrived fro.. ”

” I know. ”

” and she requested no one to disturb her rest ”

”tell her its m… ”

”not even with the exception of you Mr.derick ”

Derick slightly opened his mouth at least to say something..but he words were caught up on air. he ended up swallowing what he was about to say.he tilts his head left,then right blinking his eyes twice and gives out a small sigh, slightly licking his lower lips and swallows hard.. directly facing niana forward of him.

” is there a message I can to deliver it to her.if possi.. ”

” no need., I will be back next time.give her my well-being ”

”yes Mr.derick I will inform her you arrived when she awakes ”

Derick then forces a smile on his face.niana responds to him with a small smile too as she bends her head down a little showing her respect to him.she is just a maid.how dare her lacks respect towards a man like him anyway.

just after that Derick turns away and takes out his leave.

the maid .,niana lied again right..! yes that was her bosss order..she has served the two sisters for a couple of time now…though her interaction with them wasn seem really high.but at least she understands what the two sisters are alike..

it was her bosss manner.. mollys manner of telling niana the opposite of what she means..

niana knew all along what her boss means when she says. ”tell them am not around ”

was just like saying.

”tell them am inside but very busy to be disturbed ”

that is why her response towards Derick was just like what molly meant when she told her to tell them she is not around.

but then.,who is this Derick.,that he is know even to the houses workers or maybe even more than those.

Derick yang..,the first heir of the yangs family. a childhood friend of pinna and molly..the two families had a close friendship relation. he schooled together with molly and had same ambition in life..just has molly he also wanted to be a doctor.

well.,for him ,he made it..he is a doctor.. successful and famous..

he accomplished his goals well.but his love life was the worst.

he chased mollys love since when they were still young.but molly actually never paid attention to him..for her, Derick was just a lovely friend she had. she never admitted to have love feelings for him.

But just has what love can do. Dericks love was still on for her.. while their youth still kicking. Derick opened up his feelings for her.he asked her to date him.he loves her .he really does.

but that never changed a thing to molly.love was never in her heart.

she never accepted the proposal from Derick.the young man suffered it hard. love is painful..but he never gave up.

as long as she is still single .he believed there is still a space in mollys heart he can occupy.

he went on..chasing her .he did all A man could to catch a womans heart. but it was all for a waste.

wow.,is molly this heartless or its just that the so called loves fate..her heart was never convinced by him. she is really something else..just molly being molly right! the stoned heart CEO.

just here we go. there Is no a tree you hit ten times with a hoe and fails to fall. in the end molly gave him a chance. Did she feel something for him in the end.

No, not actually. she just had to do it. they are family friends right. infact the two sisters were really bonded to yangs family

dericks mother was like their adorable aunty. they surely loved her and respected her. she cared for them too.

Mrs yang is a mother . she understands pretty well how hard it is for her son to love someone who never had feelings for him. love is never forced.,this feeling is just natural..she understands that too. so no matter how close she is with molly , she never forced or even asked her to be with her son.

Atleast repaying a kindness the yang family showered them with..she swam herself into a couple relationship with Derick..even when she understands it well that her heart never felt anything for him..

Derick too knew it all along..but he never gave up on her.

what.! a relationship were one feels nothing for you. its hard right?. it pains but Derick swallowed it whole.he loves her.

he just doesn understand why. he has to pass through it all just for her. just to make her love him back.

for two years they have been in a relationship and he feels nothing. molly is too occupied with her business. Derick never mattered to her. being in love with her was bitter than swallowing an aspirin. but he made himself believing its tasty

even if he managed to get her on bed. but it still felt nothing. molly felt empty

making love with him never made her feel heavenly. nothing seemed great for them two. but he still loves her. and it hurts

In love little bugs always exist. Derick is handsome and manly. of course he catchs other ladies attention. his relationship with molly never went far, not until when one of his female admires finally got him on bed.

he cheated.,he is a man, girls possess that strong Aura to turn a man on.

Molly finds out whats behind Derricks back. she doesn mind it of course but still she needs to act like a jealousy girlfriend who breaks up with her man out of cheating. whats the need of keeping him yet she feels nothing for him. she wanted to provide him freedom. but to Derick he still claims forgiveness. he never meant to cheat her. he still loves her much. and he wants her back

lately Molly had to travel on a business trip for two weeks. her arrival back home is welcomed by her sisters marriage plot and a missed visit of Derick.

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