A new black bugatti veyron arrives at the parking lot. molly comes out of it has she turns off her car and walks forward entering the hotel. this area seems to be familiar to her. lifted up with the elevator to the floor number., I don know..!

As the elevator stops by .she steps out . standing on an open veranda.

with her beautifying long legs, folding her hands onto her raised-breasted chest , her serious gaze,

her body shape is just too perfect enough to gain all looks and stares from people.

her beautiful curved lips always seen to be red are just too amazing to be praised. her prolonged straight black hair fall off on her shoulders showing her attractive long neck that fits her slimmed gorgeous face.

the shinny large eyes she got with the long curved lashes makes her a beauty people can explain about. she is a beauty no beholder can deny. aaahh!! this woman is beauty itself. I wonder the number of men she turned down. Derick must have enjoyed it. no wonder he is crazy for her.

so where were we.,ooh.!! the beauty molly standing on the veranda looking forward in a serious gaze with her folded hands on chest. a sudden quick smirk appears on her face and immediately disappears.

” why would a cat run far from its home. aah ”.

she mumbled.,slightly raising one of her eyebrow and forming a smirk on her lips. she was facing someone.

of course its pinna..the little sister.

was standing alittle mile far from molly. leaning lazily against the wall supporting the veranda. A door was just right behind her. with the door mark ” weeding venue ”

she was expecting this.. of course her sister would come, thus why she was eagerly waiting there.

an apple doesn fall far from its tree. she is cute just like her sister though she is still no match for her.

she moves herself up. standing straight on her own, squeezing away from the wall. and folds her hands on the chest. straightly looking at her sister. she sighs.,and a large smile is formed on her face….and then her voice.

”Two weeks not seen sister.. ”. she poses and tilts her head alittle to the right..and then again..

” I missed you. ”.. she uttered loudly enough for molly to hear.

on the other side.,molly just gazed at her. she could sense bitterness and pains through pinnas voice. Gladly she was not late. not at all to find her married. she thought. ” this pumpkin.,really !! she is something else. ”

pinna then unfolds her hands and walks straight up to her sister who, her looks never got off from hers. pinna had a low off tired face. actually not her usual appearance. she is always charming and gladly. something is not oky. molly realized that.

just has pinna stands front facing her sister. Molly who never uttered a word.

turns her back to the left., presses the elevator button to open the door. just like that they both go in. with out saying a word they took their leave from the hotel heading back home…pinna just leaned her head against the cars window viewing the features outside. she is hopeless.,she is broken., really heart taken.

”Am not that patient pinna.,! ”…. mollys coldly voice pops out within the long silenced car. but pinna never seemed to mind about it. a short silence existed between them.

pinna suddenly moves her head from the window .,sighs and straightly looks forward., while her sister still driving.

” he was having an affair with another girl., No,! he was planning to marry us both on the same day. and none of us was aware of that. ”

she evil smile and looks at molly.

” am such a fool.,should have seen this coming. ”.

molly still silent, listening to pinna and focus on her driving.

” how perfect he was to doll me for two years. ” she evil chuckles at how stupid she is.

molly looks at her and smirks. her sister is too soft hearted.,kind and charming. she has been in relationships before and was dumped. this one again was her most longing relation she trusted, even went on farther to get married. something molly always dissent, she surmised her little pinnas fiance was just another Gold digger.

”you want to get back at him.!? ” she asked firmly throwing a quick look at her..

pinna massages her temples and takes out a long breath slowly with her eyes closed

”aah.,I don think I have to waste my time for him again ”… ” this year I will be completing my doctoring course. ”

” Still pushing on., flying to the US..after you graduate. ”

”yes., of course.! ” she answers firmly looking forward with no doubt. while mollys face frown Abit but she quickly mask it with her usual looks.

”still not getting back with Derick. ” she turns facing her sister

”his killing himself., and he can even see that. ”

” love is blind. sis ”

” only fools say that.. ”

” yes., love Makes us all fools at a time. ”

” Not all hearts can be triggered by that shit. ”

”what.,! shit.! aaahh..I see.,!!! I hope karma will teach you perpendicular what shit Derick held in for you.! ”

”you blame me for not loving him back.? ” she turns to look at pinna boldly..

pinna looks at her back and uttered.

” Am blaming you., for not treating him kind., he paid all of his attention and offered you all that he had…yet you..!! ”

” never gave him my time ”.. she intervene within pinnas talk. mollys face still unchanged.looking forward towards where she was driving..

” And never looked like a girlfriend. ” pinna prolonged the statement.

” I gave him my body wasn that enough..!? ” this time pinna turned to her sister with her face full of questions for Molly..as she sighs and evil chuckles before she speaks.

” is having done that thing., the only need a girlfriend provides for her boyfriend.?

” what more.,! ”

pinna was left dumbfounded..this sister of hers. is she really that aromatic., the twenty years old molly turned to someone pinna can explain. was doing business that hard for her that she even forgot what love is.!! or is it that their parents defunct, killed each sense of emotions in her..

pinna thought., she mighty have never been beautiful enough to beat her sisters beauty..but she is one way lucky enough to have love and lost than not loving at all..

but time still heals., she still wants to see how her sister falls apart from her harden heart. she eagers to see that someone who can wildly consume the unbeatable molly.

” this witch., she really needs to learn what it means to fall in love. ”..

pinna said inward to herself..

trying to cut off the silence, she blinks her eyes twice and sighs again., just before she tries speak., molly pulls out the brake and turns off the cars engine.pulling out the keys..

… ”we are home!!. ” was something unsaid but that is what it was.!..

mollys gets off the car., followed by pinna.

the two sisters matching forward entering their home.! sweet., sweet home.

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