very famous business dealers in the nation. what amuse people the most is that, the company that is known to be widely growing with the worlds known tycoon investors was all under the hold of a very young lady, unmarried and never known to be in a relationship.. of course molly and Derricks relationship was never revealed on public.

this news would always shake all men who stood before her. she owns beauty and abilities. and no man ever got her..! she was stoned., some even named her the demon-angel.,! face of an angel with a heart of a demon with no feelings. her sister pinna was very low-key. only a few knew her surname.

the other powerful family was the zhens family. that had also existed to have a heiress, vicky zhen was the only daughter of the family. she was known as the infamous CEO who once was termed adrug user on the social media. she likes to be seen as the queen of beauty who owns everything. she likes to be humbled and let everyone know who she is.. most of people, hated her attitude and the pride she had.

none of the two existed families seemed to be great for his son.his chris was a good man and he deserved the best but he is the father and the CEO of the company.needing to find away out of the fire, rescuing his family and his company reputation. this is hard for him. throwing his own son in the den of lion, was the last thing he could ever do. he just hoped his son to be lucky like he was. he also had his marriage and married their mother for business. having a business marriage for the companys seek was something he hated and was hard to endure. but in the peak of healing, he fell into the deepest hole of love and blessed with a family that he was proud to have.

but judging the out cover of the story he was throwing his son to, broke him dearly. he hated it. if he has to define the definition of a perfect father, then to him it should have to be a father who seeks his childrens happiness. but he is not. he failed it. he rewound the most wounded flamed part of his sons heart at his peak of healing. he the worst father and he blames him for that. but his wife was there to coax him. despite all the troubles they face. his dear wife never gave up to encourage them,. bringing them to believe the great gifts of heavens the lord rewards to the people who trust him. she is a kind woman., caring and loving, Faithful and worthy it. if Mr. wang was to count the luckies he had in life, then his wife was that treasure he would exchange his life for ten times in a life time with no regrets. he wondered what he must have done to the heavens to deserve such a gift in life.

thinking about the zhaos family, pinna was too young for his son. neither did he want to destroy the young ladys growing dreams by having the unwanted marriage.,And molly was another blazing fire thats never easy to touch. But vicky zhen was the worst to him., he hated woman of vicks type and he would never give his son to the witch like her.

but molly, the demon-angel CEO was just right for his son.but still, how dare he to ask for a marriage proposal for his son from that woman, who, his last glance at her shook the every each corner of his living body.

is he really asking for his sons death. But we never know Unless we try. this isn easy but its worthy trying.. right.!!?. if this one fails., he has no other choice than to try vicky zhen. with vicky he had a percentage it would push throw. but molly., he has to train himself first how to stand in front of that woman before uttering the proposal..

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