e and harm his arm and all he need was a hug and a kiss from his mama.

Mrs wang hurriedly rushed towards him. she bends and on her knees, she longers her hands widely around him and pulls him slowly toward her small chest which to chris felt like the big world in disguise. feeling his mothers warmth. chris wept even harder and a slight voice of cry was heard from a far. Mrs wang tenderly rubbed the back of her son. leaning her cheek on top of his head hair.

” its fine to cry son., your mama is here. you can cry as much as you can. no need to hide it inside..aah. its all oky. mama is here for you …oky.. ”

she is his mother. she can feel the pains her son is passing through.this was the most tragedy part of his life. losing someone you love is like losing the half of you. on top of that all, chris is forcibly to move on without even getting a time to heal the wounds and the broken pieces left in his heart. he wasn able to grieve for his beloved belated wife. it was too harsh for him,her son doesn deserve it at all.

it took a time for chris to end his cries. his tears that never seem to leave his eyes were now slowly vanishing. he pulls himself aside and sat down the floor folding his legs apart leaning the front side of the table behind and straighten his hands laying them on top of his lifted knees, letting his palm hands falling free,

his face looked a mess., reddish like a red tomato.

so hopelessly, that he couldn determine whether he was this way because of his contract marriage business or his dead wife, and everything that he finds a curse to him. his mother beside him looked at him so humbly.

”mother. ”.

chris uttered ,his sound burnt deep down,. his red eyes said it clearly what the world meant to him..his a curse born not to survive..with every dark marks he has in him can he really see what light is…can he really ask time to take him back to a year ago. when everything was light and shinny..

he evil smirks., ” am I really that much cu rsed ”

.,for a time his mother beside him was a bit brought down… she breathed calmly falling her head down.

” my first unborn child died within her mothers womb. I never even got a chance to hold it. my wife died in mystery I can even explain about..I never even got a chance to show her the beauty world beyond my true love for her. now my family is down., am the heir to raise it up..but I feel hopeless,. I can feel a man at all., ”

he smirks again and evil chuckles the world must be so harsh on him. even fate hated him.

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