” Chris, come back home., mom is worried sick about you.. ”

a message had suddenly pop into Chriss phone.., peter quickly snap on the screen as he realize Chloe was one behind it

she texted her brother to know his wherelse about..Mrs wang was worried about her son. its been hours and he is no where to be seen around home. almost all calls were unanswered. chloe too was scared about it. she knew pretty well the situation her brother was in, though she sometimes never thought of meddling into her Brothers personal life, especially one that concerned runah at this very worst time.

Runah., her sister in-law. she was kind and pretty charming. chloe was attached to her., she was the second lady in the house she could run to and express her problems.incase not willing to tell her mother. her by gones was a sorrow to her as well.,she saw just how much., her brother loved his wife. sometimes she even wished God would bring her a perfect husband like how her brother was to runah..she admired their love for each other. it was perfect., she believed nothing would definitely separate it….who would have thought things definitely would have fall apart and turn to its worst outcome

runah., was just a simple lady from a low living hood, pretty and brave. she lived as an orphan..all by herself at the exact age of 15. she had no family members related to her only some few friends who chris was aware of.

after sometime of sweatiness that Peter came across to., he was finally able to send chris back home. he too was so tired of this day. this day was surely a blue day. he also needed a rest to calibrate himself better for tommorow.just after everything was settled with Chris he left back to his home.

chris whole night was swallowed by weird nightmares. he struggled hard in the middle of his night..he sees a depressed and frown face of ruhan. complaining why he ever gave up on her.,she complained about him getting another woman for a wife…screams of I hate you were loudly heard within his head in the middle of his nightmare.all he could see was the darken red eyes of runah swollen from crying too much..

it felt even worst when the dead runah in his dreams.spotted the fact that he was a useless son.,a useless husband and a useless father who barely or even hardly be the reason for their unborn childs death..and just the sight of that was muchly enough to grasp Chris from his scarily like hell fire sleep.

”No!!!. ”..inside a deep dark room a scream came out.,Chris was panting heavily as he rose his perfect upper body to hold a sitting position and lean his back against the bed headboard slat and turns on the lamp beside the bed to cover-up the darkness within the room.

watery drops were slowly oozing from his face heading down his perfect long strong neck,he was wet.,almost half of his upper body was soaked in sweats..it was hot inside.,no his body was the one really hot. his temperature rose within milliseconds and could calm down within seconds..he found it really hard to hold a breath of air inside him.his swollen eyes and red face were covered with sweats. he felt shivers passing through him.,it was scarily,he was scared..he rises from his bed, pulling out his clothes, heading to the bathroom.

After a short while he comes out from his bath with a white towel covering his lower body and another little one on his head rubbing dry his wet dark black hair.

he walks toward a small table.,pulls the chair out and gently sits on it. taking out the laptop that was on top ,opens it and directly browses on the goggle webpage searching for a name ”Molly zhao ”…

this certain idea.,came knocking his mind the moment he shoved himself into cold but warm shower.,just then the interest of it intruded within him.

at first.,he was against it.,but in the end he found himself sitting there and typing her name. atleast he was aware of her name and the rumors that went around about her.

it didn take too long for the search results to come out. and just then he pulls himself abit Crosser to the screen and squeezes his eyes so narrow to seize the letters on it..


were the words that clinged his head, has he uttered them loud within him. he quickly shut down the device, close it..and walk off towards his bed.

he folds his arms sending them backward and rest the back of his head on the palms of his hands.straightening his face.,looking at the ceiling.

disappointed.,he re-sent his decision.,just awhile ago he wished he never sat down there.,to find out what was there all along ,to know about the woman he definitely will hate.,or maybe not later., it was then he already hated her.,even not knowing who she was and what she looks like.

he was indeed a fool, he took for himself.,what was he expecting,. something interesting aah!!! he shouldn have wasted even a tiny of his energy and time on that search to only come out with

her right full names and business status..none of her personal information was provided through out the internet.she is indeed powerful and strange.,yes.she is weird.

she can manage to block all the peoples eyes on her throughout the internet.,despite her beauty rumors,she strangely shades no pictures of hers on internet as well.,just what beauty wouldn want to linger their mesmerizing creation appearance to the world.,but her,she was weird..apart from her name and the business name.,nothing else was provided about her. and that was only due to the fact that she never allowed it.

molly was a very careful woman,.she wouldn want to leave out traces of anything that she doesn want unless its all in her plans. she was a right definition of a pure intelligence.,with her mind she could play along with anything as long as she gains something from it and doesn endanger a life it was oky for her.

the very last thing she ever wanted in her life were pictures and rumors of her covered all over the internet pages for the word to know.so.,before it all she would clear each and everything.and no one would dare spread anything personal or anything thats under her permission.

turning off the lamp beside him.,to darken the room again.chris slowly shuts the lid of his eyes as a fairly of dreams chants a spell on him and curse him to sleep .,a while before his mind totally dispatched Into a lala land.,his mind speaks the words ” MONALISSA ZHAO ”.!!

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