The flight to distant and stuffy Los Angeles is not easy for all people. Especially if you
e a native Northerner and you can stand the heat.

And if you need a vacation there, like a leper needs a mirror.

Michael Ryers only calmed himself down with one thing, that cute Emma really wants this. Beloved, madly beloved girl, and even with such angelic eyes the color of heavenly azure, this golden baby deserves all the best!

Mike loves her too much, hes almost obsessed with her already. He loves her so much that he is ready to risk even his health for her.

This morning, while presenting another sad confession to a psychotherapist, he also did not forget to mention his deeply traumatized brain and the danger of heat for him, how he starts to go crazy from immeasurable love, also did not remain without attention.

At the airport in Canada, for some reason, he became very scared, it was close to a hysterical fit. From Ontario to Los Angeles is the same as from heaven to hell.

But there seemed to be no excesses. Has the excitement gone away? Yes, where there! Only at the airport he crashed into one guy, a kind of street handsome, a doll boy, whom, probably, the guys would have laid eyes on.

The phone, dancing in the air, flew out of my pocket and hit the floor with force, against this huge pseudo-marble mirror! A nightmare! If these were idiotic modern ultra-thin trinkets, they would have signed a death sentence long ago! And the cover that saved, sat firmly and was not thin…

— Oh! Sorry, sorry!— the handsome man smiled with his pearl teeth. He was scared and embarrassed by his awkwardness.

His childish smile made his soul warm, somehow carefree and Mike mumbled:

— Yes, everything is normal… Nothing… It didn crash…—

Does he love the sight of this guy? Is he gay?

Only this was not enough …


He wonder if it is possible to reduce the degree of roasting with some button in hell?

After the infernal torture hotel, which is no less hot, to the beach – it would be better if Emma took a gun and killed him right away!

Having barely gotten used to a large and dense umbrella, Mike ducked under it – he simply could not stand the sun. The skin began to itch, burn, become covered with pimples and, sometimes, spots appeared, large and red, as if they were severe burns.

— Honey, with your anti-sun sores, it would be better for you to go to the hotel, otherwise you will be very ill… Mike, Im serious! No need for another sacrifice! If you feel bad about something, I don want it to get worse!— Emma gets distracted from her sunbathing and takes off her stupid strawberry-shaped glasses with bright pink glasses.

— No, no, what are you! Im fine, its just that this situation is unusual for me…— Ryers sighs.— Emma, Im just tired. And for the first time I see so much sun and sand, which shields the heat. Nothing so special… The

melody of the text message rang out like a thunderclap, although Michael was sure that he had turned off the sound.

So strange, loud **S in silent mode from a completely unfamiliar number. And are there such long numbers? So many numbers…

”Michael, Im going to kill you! ” — the **S broadcast in large letters.


What the hell? Is this someones entertainment? Or did someone make a mistake? Who would ever think of having fun like that? What idiots people are!

Michael lay down in front of the air conditioner with considerable bliss. After hell, its just paradise! True, a message, so strange and perhaps even ordinary, would still not come out of my head, if there was someone who was angry at him for one reason or another.

If these are phone jokes, then why did you choose him for this? And how do these underdeveloped pranksters choose?

Michael even tried to call this number once, but the voice on the line said that such a number did not exist.

Heres the deal! How does this number write to him?

After the threatening text message, for some reason, his head began to hurt a lot. No noises drowned out the alarm in his head.

— Mike, Id rather go to the boutique alone. You don look well after the beach. Here, drink this. Not a panacea, but they save from itching and everything else.Emma placed pills and water in front of him.— I drink them if I want to eat shrimp. Okay, see you soon, my love!—

Ryers watched his girlfriend with an exhausted look as she picked up one of her smallest bags and left the room. He also increased the ”minus ” of the air conditioner to almost the temperature of the refrigerator and wearily closed his eyes.

The bliss after fifteen great minutes is interrupted by another **S.

And this is when the phone is turned off? How? Its impossible!

e going to burn alive in your own hell, Michael Ryers! ”

Impotence turns into stupid anger, the fire inside flares up. Although Michael is, in general, a non-drinker, he is now attracted to alcohol. Not to get drunk to death, but at least I really wanted to calm my nerves now.

Only now, looking at his mobile phone taken out of the case, the guy noticed a strange, uneven drop of blood, which had almost smeared on the fabric and plastic of the case. He immediately looked at his fingers, palms, and examined himself in front of the mirror with a flashlight – there were definitely no cuts anywhere.

The atmosphere of the bar, not pompously expensive, but soft, almost retro, calmed him down a little. It was not as brilliant and pretentious as in the restaurant, although it was all in the same hotel building.

— Hello, do you have any Finnish vodka?—Michael asks the bartender and, after receiving an affirmative answer, added::

— Leave the whole bottle.—

From the first glass, a cough first rolled in, then alcohol pleasantly relaxed consciousness and slightly removed all anxiety, all problems.

Even the heat that came here, Michael stopped feeling so much. Its all the magic power of alcohol…

Although he turned off the sound again, the glowing phone screen for some reason still attracted attention. The backlight did not go out…

— Hello! Can I sit down with you?—

This soft voice, beautiful, almost velvety, for some reason strongly remembered Michael, despite one nuance that he had heard it only once before.

The handsome guy from the airport was standing in front of him. Only now the beautiful body was packed in shorts and a sleeveless T-shirt.

— Well, can I sit down with you?—he asked again in his honey-sweet voice.— Please!—

— Yes, yes, of course. Sorry, Im already a little drunk, so Im not thinking straight.—Michael pointed to a nearby lacquered chair with a slightly slow motion.

— Where are you from? And whats your name?— his voice was pleasant, like a caramel sweet pool.

— Michael Ryers, I came here from Canada for a vacation. Im not really used to such scorching heat and Im trying to adapt like this. Its easier to live that way.—Ryers waved his glass.

— Sunset Live, kind of local. With great experience.—the guy introduced himself and laughed when he saw Michaels face, which was stupid from surprise and alcohol.— I didn choose my name! Everyone looks stupid from this!—

— Sunset? I mean, sunset? Hmm, very suitable for such a beautiful face.— alcohol burns your mouth again.— Will you join me? Do you drink vodka or order something weaker?—

— No, what are you! Im a minor, Im not even eighteen…—the guy smiled again.

The same waiter came again (he was closer) and Sunset ordered celery and spinach juice without salt.

— There is little that can digest my stomach, so you can risk your health… And many other things…—

— Do you have some kind of disease?—Michael asked Sunset. He stopped being so distracted by alcohol. The snacks arrived, it took his attention.

— Well, yes, like that… I am very, very strange… After all, everyone has oddities.— suddenly, the very beautiful face that Michael admired began to look just awful.Grave-raising, as if he had been lifted from the grave.—Im dead. I am a living dead man, I have been dead for a very long time and began to hunt for souls that make me alive with their light, and the energy saturates the host. He and I are simply absorbing lives.—

His face has now also changed its color to vomiting disgustingly. Blue, cadaverous.

There was a whiff of cadaverous stench.

The cross fell from Michaels neck and he could not lift it in any way.

— Yes, yes, a nice joke!—Mike grinned angrily.— What, do you like to make fun of drunk people? Go joke somewhere else!—

His mind, very generously flavored with strong alcohol, could not believe in such crazy speeches. It seemed like drunken nonsense, he looked at all this calmly, because he did not believe that it was real.

Sunsets face had the smile of a deranged psychopath. A madman, obviously, hes just a crazy person.

— You
e an idiot! Ive never been joked about so stupidly before… And are you having fun? I see its fun, asshole!—Michael looked up, sobering.

Something hurt inside. Deep in the body, somewhere in the chest. The same unpleasant feeling was in childhood when he was electrocuted.

Jumping up from his chair and leaving the money on the table, in a colorful shiny bill card, Michael quickly ran to his room. It seems that he even demolished something or someone, but, it seems, no one was alarmed by this.

The very first, desperately scratching in the subconscious desire was to call Emma, collect all the luggage that had already probably tripled and get out of here as fast as possible. This psycho, too convincing for a psycho, scared him to the point of neurostenia already beginning now.

And for some reason, Ryers was always sure that such ordinary services as the police and psychiatry would be able to do nothing here at all. They simply won find this guy or won come at all.

Something inside the familiar, dragging, nasty as a mosquito bite pain pulsed.

In the silence, the forgotten phone rang and rattled in the pocket of his jeans, scratching his skin, Michael screams. From such a scream, he probably already alarmed the whole floor. It was loud… Or maybe, in general, the whole hotel is on its ears…

What scared him so much is his mobile phone. It was a damn cell phone call! And why is he still calling?

Michael grabs this damn black gadget with his own hands, squeezes it as if he wants to break it. ”Emma ” on incoming.

— Emma! Emma, darling, is that you?—Hes almost shouting into this piece of black plastic, but he hears in response… That his voices don seem to be heard:

— Mike! Michael! Hello, Mike, stop joking like that, I can hear you! Mike, don joke…—

The phone falls to the floor. The lid flies off somewhere.

Michael stumbles, tangled in his own legs, and falls to the floor, pain running down his back. It seems that in the fall he knocked the door of the room with himself.

Knocked himself out… And then where are the crunching, broken pieces of the door?? Or at least the door itself under it? Where are the wounds, after all?

— Thats fine… Well, do you finally understand whats wrong with you now?—pretended to smile affectionately approached handsome.

Michael didn kick the door down by himself… Not knocked out, but flew right through. Flew through the door like a damn ghost!

The ghost…

Michael ran down with all his legs, those damn stairs flew under his feet. He hit his knee on the stairs until it bled, he would have definitely broken his knee, but there wasn even a scratch. Shadowy hands reached out to him from all sides.

It seems like forever passed before he ran into the bar. I just wanted to fall down and sob helplessly, but the tears have gone somewhere now. They just dried up. They simply didn exist.

Sunset stood and smiled, his back pressed against the wall, as handsome as he was at first. He was always very amused by the fright of people.

Every time his hunting is so interesting and diverse that he can never get bored of his favorite job.

Taking a large bottle of absinthe from the table, the guy took a couple of sips. The blood, which had been cold for a long time, began to boil.

One item is completed. No one will ever see Michael Ryers again.

The visiting Northerner man is no longer in this world.

Dead eyes stared into the void, a trickle of blood flowed from his mouth.

A heartbreak overtook him when something scared him. An invisible monster approaching him…


When an empty call from the grooms phone reached her, and even broke off afterwards, Emma turned cold. No crackling, no extraneous noise. A slippery, ear-popping silence.

— Mike!— she called again with pain in her heart, even though this frightening call had already broken.

She just hoped it was a joke, that Mike would call back and talk to her now.

Emma Holdrey began to collect all the almost endless contents of the new bag, huge as a black hole, jumped up and ran outside. My knees trembled for some reason…

Only the sixth taxi still stopped, an old and sweet ”Crown Victoria ”, a thick blonde was driving.

Emma got into the back seat, handed the driver a hotel brochure and quietly asked:

— Go there, please…—


There were a lot of police at the entrance to the bar. For some reason, Emma wanted to go through the bar right now. Either God or the devil pushed.

Incredibly handsome and as if radiant with the sun, the guy was very excited when Amy wanted to go there, he closed the doorway with his back. This hotel is not cheap, but usually such handsome people live in five-star hotels. Or on the covers of beautiful fashion magazines …

— You should not see this bloody nightmare, the spectacle is not the best. I didn think before that the heart could burst… oh… You
e Emma, aren you? Ive seen a lot of pictures of you on Michaels phone…—he said in a breathtakingly beautiful voice. From this voice, the body went limp and fell under a strange hypnosis.

— Yes, Emma is me, and what happened there? Did something happen to Michael? What happened to my fiance?—The blonde raised her voice almost to hysteria.

The police said everything without words – they were carrying out a long stretcher with a covered body from the archway of the bar. A gust of wind seemed to mockingly stir the bag with a faulty zipper and Michaels glassy dead face appeared in the light.

The blonde fell to her knees and sobbed loudly. The strength was drained from the body. It was as if she had become a dead piece of flesh.

—Miss Holdrey? Emma Holdrey is that you?—one of the policemen asked her, apparently having heard the conversation.— Could you come with you? We have a couple of questions for you.—

— Are you crazy, stupid cops? Have you decided to suspect an innocent girl? Miss Holdrey has just lost a loved one, from the stories of Mr. Ryers, I know how bright and sincere love was! And Mr. Ryers is dying of a broken heart!— the guy stood up for Emma.

— Mr. Live, I sincerely advise you not to get involved in the conversations of the law enforcement services! You will also follow us now, we have a lot of questionable cases with you in our database! And its better to go voluntarily! —


— Do you have a surname Live? I mean, like the singer Terry Live? Are you namesakes or relatives?—Emma asked quietly as they rode in the car.

— My name is Sunset Live, but Im not related to a country singer at all.—Sunset pulled something out of his pocket.—I stole something right out from under the stupid cops noses. Privacy is privacy, only in the most extreme cases it can be violated…—

— Its Michaels cell phone!—Emma was even startled by how loud the exclamation turned out to be. Strange, the policeman didn seem to hear her…— Shouldn he be in the evidence files of the police? Aren you afraid that you won be well after that?—

— Hmm, yes, I quickly stole the phone and hid it in my case.Sunset handed her the now useless gadget.— If you want, you can take the case too, I don need it anyway. I don know why I bought it…—

Emma turned on the phone, no longer listening to conversations and other noises around.

Michael hasn changed the background for a long time. Their joint photo is among Emmas insanely beloved yellow tulips. Michael in the photo in a caramel-colored T-shirt with a sandy mustang, how beautifully it all goes with his brown eyes! He was beautiful… Just perfect for Emma… And I don care that he was poor …


Emma left the police station devastated. Idiots! How could it have been an accident?

The man at the bar table died of a heart attack!

Did he die accidentally?

She hated everyone, the police for their stupidity and herself for bringing Michael here.

What the hell was she doing in this heat anyway? Damn vacation!

Haha, and hes really cursed, this vacation… Cursed by her father…

Trying to overcome hysteria, the girl sat down on the side of the road and sobbed loudly. Her heart could no longer withstand such stress, the cold embraced her from all sides.

The taxi appeared like a ghost from somewhere out of the thickening darkness.

Emma sat down on the seat as if in a dream, she didn even hear what she said.

The strange guy disappeared, well, thats right, he has nothing else to do here.

She wanted to go somewhere, do something with myself. I didn want to live anymore.

She don want any more… After all, Michael is not there…

And how would she tell the Ryers that it was unclear why their only son had died on the vacation she wanted so much?

The walls of the room pressed as if they were squeezing Emma in their vice.

Its already night, no matter how much I would like to, its not worth leaving now. This is at least dangerous.

A couple of times she vomited, as always, probably on nerves.

Weakness melts her body, makes all the organs work slower. Its like shes freezing and burning…

Her heart seemed to have already begun to slow down, Emma felt her breathing just end. As if she had a limit on that. She will now stop breathing as easily as the batteries in the devices run out.

Mikes phone screen lit up and reflected the girls frightened face…

Something glowing was pulled into the plastic…


Sunset Live, smiling, walked down the street. His eyes expressed the greatest exultation, he was shining with dark joy. The corpses he left behind will never be associated with him. No one will remember him…

Three souls! As many as three souls at a time… a damn record, mother**er! You can also arrange a holiday …

now the owner will definitely be happy. He will let Sunset live in peace for a long time. Maybe even rejoice.

Evil will never die. It will live forever, nothing will kill it.

The screen of the stolen phone in his pocket lit up again.

With the naked eye, it was impossible to see that there, in wild fright, mujina and a girl with a barely appeared tummy were struggling, trying to break the devilish screen from the inside…

The end? Yes, hardly… Evil will never come to an end…

it is eternal…

Part 2: Baiting the beast.

It happens like this: once – and because of one mistake, the villain can sometimes fall to the level of a rat.

Thats how stupid I got into it …

Pure silver in every second rod of the camera and crosses from the church on the wall, a night raid in the club on me with bait in the form of an attractive red-haired girl – yes, you got into deep, Sunset Live! You
e a complete idiot!

I killed, but not because I really wanted to. I just wanted to live, I had no choice, I don want to die!! And now I have lived up to the strange age of flying cars and smart people – how sad it is… Very sad…

And why did I touch this damn Ryers family?! Who knew that among them there would be very good exorcists and demonologists?!

A short blonde girl comes up to my camera and presses the button for the supply of consecrated silver water. Holy soul, your mother!

Such a wild scream escapes from my throat, which can be called inhuman too mildly. When this happens, I… Im screaming for several voices. I don know how to explain this.

This bastard looks at my torment with a smile. How her face looks like… And that makes it much nastier…

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