Gordon Mccrave bought an old TV at a market not from a small income, he liked retro.

For the sake of searching for old things, he did not disdain even the dirtiest landfills. But his house resembled a hodgepodge from the thirties to the sixties, an architectural chaos.

The TV took its place on a pedestal with paintings of the Middle Ages.

When it was turned on, it made a noise at first and smelled of plastic.


Is it dead? Is this perfect TV is dead?

Turning the back of the TV to himself and taking a screwdriver, the man unscrewed the lid and looked at the ancient nature.

The TV smelled of dust from the inside, perhaps it prevented it from being turned on.

The vacuum cleaner for the computer did not fit here in any way, it was not possible to find a good place to direct the air flow and blow away the dust.

Crossing himself and remembering all the prayers he knew, Gordon brought a blower, which he had been lying idle for more than a year.

The instrument made a terrible creaking sound and turned on. A targeted stream of air, the force of which could not be controlled in any way, hit the TV held by Gordons other hand. Dust of such a strange, white color flew in all directions.

It seems that dust does not happen white …

But ash happens…


Dust and strange chalk drawings inside were eliminated and the TV finally turned on.

The sound that crackled at first was corrected quite easily. The TV was still in excellent condition compared to some of the things that were now restored in their places in Gordons house.

Displayed… yard.

Maybe it just looks like his yard? Many used to furnish it like this!

The dog runs through the yard. Amigo, his cocker spaniel, so the yard is definitely his!

His neighbor, an Italian, whom Gordon never remembered by name, pulled himself up the fence boards.

Is he climbing into his yard? Climbs and … stealing?

The branch suddenly wrapped around the neck of the yard thief and began to strangle.

Even through the outdated speakers, the cervical vertebrae could be heard cracking.

Before my eyes, everything swirled, spun and the light seemed to turn off in my head …


The light of the sun hit Gordons eyes, roughly bringing him out of a sleepy pool.

My head ached so much, as if it had been continuously hammered all night.

Coming to his senses, Mccrave suddenly realized that it was not the sun that woke him up at all, but a siren.

The sound of a police siren penetrated through the slightly open window.

The police are nearby… Shes in the yard of that Italian man he saw in his dream!

Bouncing off the window and the pedestal, Gordon suddenly fell and hit his head. Short splashes of blood shot up.

Obviously, he broke the back of his head…

sparks danced before his eyes.

There was a knock on the window. The vase resonates from the knock of a strong policemans hand.

— Hello.—Gordon opened the door and went out.

— Hello, we apparently woke you up with our fuss. May I know your name?— the policemans voice was absolutely devoid of emotion and sounded like a recording.

— Gordon Mccrave.— the man points to the fuss behind the fence.— And what happened? —

— Do you know him?—The policeman handed him a photo of an Italian neighbor.

Gordon shook his head and handed the photo back to him.

— Hes your neighbor.— the officer drawled in bewilderment.

— I don know anyone in the neighborhood. Just not interested. —

Gordon felt his knees tremble with fear as he went back into the house.

The TV showed death… or did he see all this in a dream?


In a room empty of people, in Gordons living room, the TV suddenly turned on.

This device was not from this world, it doesn need electricity to work.

Gordon was at work at that moment and could not see that the TV was showing him right now… and a big gray shadow behind his back…

the man, having heard the ”invitation ” to the bosss office for the umpteenth time, felt anger begin to boil inside.

— What is he punishing me for this time?—he asked the question in a still calm tone.

— I didn like the wording of the documentation, apparently.—

Gordon stared straight ahead and walked like a zombie.

— What did you want?— he crossed paths with the chief at the entrance.— Have you decided to recoup for another failure again?—

— No, Gordon. And change your tone. We have a vacant position of a human resources officer, would you like to take it?— Larrys picky senile tone has disappeared somewhere, he has become strangely polite.

The eyes were like an inanimate colorless stone and lost their luster.

Returning to his seat, Gordon somehow smiled ominously and slowly began to pack his things.

— What, you was fired?— someones asking.

— No, Im going to a new life…—

There is one not too significant thing left on the old lamp.

Gordons cross was not noticed at first, then, thinking that he was simply tired of it, the guys threw it out …


— Take off your eyes, freak!—Gordon shouted, barely driving away from a dangerous situation.

The car skidded heavily sideways, the one who tried to overtake him pulled over to the side of the road and drove down somewhere.

Someone else stopped the car and rushed to the side of the road.

For some reason, Gordon already knew that this man was dead.

— Its your own fault.— the man said calmly, glancing at the DVR for a second.

His eyes glowed black in the reflection of the windshield…


— … I see you
e sweating. Maybe we can reschedule the conversation?— says the girl.

During the negotiations – her employer wanted to buy pipes produced by the company, Larry got sick and for some reason sent Gordon – the man felt something like a fever attack.

— No, no. You can just open the window…— Gordon noticed what caused the fever, similar to the disease.

A cross on her neck, clearly filled with something else.

It even hurts Gordon to breathe.

The light of the surveillance camera blinked.

The girl suddenly snapped her fingers and the camera goes out.

— Gordon, will you tell me whats wrong with you?—An evil grin graced the attractive face.— Do you rarely watch your lovely TV at home?—

– No, I… and how do you know? Are you discussing this with my friends? I turned it off. Hes weird, and Ive never heard of the Hyde brand…—Gordon tensed.

— Its not usual brand. I know this TV very well. Hyde is the creators surname, my surname. Im Sarah Hyde, my real name is Lilith. Every time I choose the one who collects souls, to whom my artifacts will be treated well. I came here just for you…—


… There was no one in the room.

Larry couldn even remember about the meeting, about the fact that he had promoted Gordon, about the strange girl.

A couple of weeks later, his friend got the creepy TV.

Looking around the antique device, the girl blew it with a vacuum cleaner for the computer and tried to turn it on.

”Snow ”.

But for some reason bright scarlet.

The girl twisted and twisted the antenna.

Heavy footsteps sounded from behind…


The TV, or rather, the infernal TV is still wandering through the shopping malls, hustles and pawnshops.

He enslaves people, destroys souls.

And God forbid to see the brand ”Hyde ” on a recently purchased antique!

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