third chance

chapter 2

later that day Angela visited her father in the cemetery and went straight home with the help of Alex. she did the house chores watched a few reality movie at that time it was 4 p.m. in the evening her mum prepared dinner and the ate peacefully. sorry tying to bed Angela told her mother about her new friend in school (Alex) her mum advised her to be careful ”not everyone is as friendly as they look ”her mum said before entering her room ”here we go again ” Angela said while closing her door. ”hey I can still hear you do your homework and go to bed ” her mom voice came again ”yes Mom ”as she wrote her assignment she kept thinking of Alex she was distracted by the sound of phone ”hey can we hang out tomorrow ” Alex voice from the phone

she blushed hard ”yeah sure ” she said. Alex wished her good night and ended the call for the whole night she kept thinking of Alex

The next day while preparing for school she took her time to prepare by adding a little lip gloss on her lips rolling her hair she put on a black pants and crop top with a jacket which huged her body and and her perfectly slim shape was exposed, she looked at herself in the mirror satisfied ”thats perfect ” she complimented herself. ”whats really wrong with me ” she asked herself while packing her books she sat down on her bed still thinking of Alex ”oh hes cute eyes his mouth to a very cute. ” she told herself while smiling she didn notice that her light skin chain-mail ready pink

”Ela!! its 7:30 in the morning aren you going to school. ”she jolted back to reality ”Im coming mum give me a sec ” she wore her shoe and rushed to the mirror to take a glance at herself

”ok tell me whats going on ” her mum asked while walking out of the kitchen.

”I don understand mum ” Angela said still smiling at herself. ”you said you won fit in here that you hated in here but here you are wearing your favourite clothes so tell me whats going on. ”mum can I wear anything I like and besides I promised you that I will try and adapt and already adapting already ” her mom was very surprised by her daughters words ”thank you so much sweetheart you don know how much this means to me thank you ” ”no problem mum lesson forget I won be home early today Ill be hanging out with my friend Alex ”

”I knew I had something to do with that boy Alex but remember ”her mum cuts her off ”not everybody is friendly as you think ” Angela said while waving her hands in the air as a quotation ”I know mum don worry Alex is a good guy ok. ” she said that in her mothers shoulder come on mum lets go its already late

******************************************* ”hey Im lucy ”a tall light skin girl with brown hair said while extending her hand towards Angela ”hey Im Angela. ” Lucy Wilson the second child of Mr and Mrs Wilson and also a sister to Alex. ” do I know you? ” Angela I asked with a confused look on her face ”Im lucy Wilsons Alex younger sister ” she said ”oh I see you look exactly like your brother except that you
e more cuter than him ” Angela said while smiling ”hey don don get comfortable, I came to warn you to stay clearly away from my brother hes not your class you are such a loser and you
e very poor so I can even find a way like you and your brother can be friends so stay from him you gold digger ” Lucy said with so much irritation ”don say I didn warn you ” she said hitting her hand hard on the desk ”have a nice day miss Angela Smith ” Lucy said while leaving the class. ”what the f*** did you just threaten me ” Angela said ”wow shes got some guts who do she thinks she is and besides who told her poor my mothers a banker hello!! ”

*************Angela POV*****************

”come on Angela is lunch time lets go have lunch in cafeteria Alex whispered into my ears which says she was around my body ”I can Ill just eat here. ” I said while trying to get his bed of my neck cuz its really making me feel weird ”why? ” he asked you ”nothing serious Im not just in the mood. ” I said packing my books ”ok then Ill bring my lunch here so well eat together. ” he continued ”no no. ” I protested ”well I just don want to eat in the cafeteria ok! ” I said almost screaming ”don worry Ill just stay here ” trying to find my voice I donit want him to get mad. and I can even look at him because I might change my mind. ” hey is there something

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