third chance

guess who

exactly 7:00 am on a bright Monday morning Mrs Ella Smith a slim light skinned woman with blonde hair who is a banker is preparing breakfast for her daughter Angela. Angela has som goe description as her mother except that she has a black long hair just like her father Mr Smith who passed away 3 years ago.

”Angela wake up you will be for School ”

”Ill be right in a few minutes mom ” Angela whos wearing her shoes

”good morning Mom ”she said on her way to the kitchen ” good morning sweetheart, come have breakfast so we can go we almost late. ” while eating Ella noticed the pale look on her daughter face

”sweetheart is there a problem? ”

”I miss him Mom ” Angela said looking at her fathers picture on the wall ”I wish we didn move out from our home he would be here by now ” she said tearing up.

”come on sweetheart I miss him a lot more you know how much I loved your father, but we have to move on ” her mother said while seating beside her daughter

”how can I move on mom when I can still see him my dreams, I hate this world, ” Angela said

”hey u you got this okay you got this. I know you are a strong girl you can do this okay you can do it ”her mom told her

they had their breakfast silently before they set out for the day.

when did got to Angelas new school at Adams high she told her mom ”Mom I don think I can fit here they all look so rich ah I I just want to go back to lA please Mom ”

”look here sweetheart Im sure you make a lot of friends just before the day goes by okay. you can do this I know how much you miss LA but Ive been transferred here I can leave my job even if we go back to lA theres no job waiting for me there okay you have to please listen to me Im your mother ” ”but mom! ”Angela interrupted her mother ”I know, I know I understand the pain but this all I got please you have to listen to me okay ” her mom said ”yes Mom ”

she got out of the car and went straight inside the school she was talking to her new class

”I just wish I can disappear an appear in LA ” she mumbled ”miss smith are you okay ”Mrs Williams the school principal asked her ”oh oh yes maam, yes maam Im okay Im fine mmmh sorry about that. uhm you were saying. ”follow me let me show you your new class ”

they got to the second floor

”attention class we have a new student.

Miss Smith introduce yourself to the class ” Angela was so nervous because that was her first time being center of attention

”uhm ….. I….. I… m..y name is A.n.gela Smith ” she said

the whole class laughed at her

she could hear some girls murmuring

”shes so beautiful but she can even speak in public ”

”hey we
e your manners ” Mrs Williams scold them.

during break Angela sit on her own cuz she didn make any friends

”hey new girl could you pass me that peanut bugger behind u ” a tall far boy with brown hair told her

”here you go ” Angela said as she hand the peanut bugger to him

”by the way my name is Alexandra but u can call me Alex ”

”Im Angela nice meeting you ”

”I saw the way you were shaking when Mrs Williams asked you to introduce yourself Earlier, its common among new students ”Alex told her

Angela felt a little embarrassed but she shoved the idea off

”yeah that was my first time ”

she said …

”if you need anything don hesitate to ask me ” Alex told her.

”if you don mind I need your help, I need someone to take me around the whole school and take and take me home too cuz I don think I remember my way home and I think my mom can pick me up. ” Angela explained shyly

”thats not a problem Im sitting behind you so after school you come call me so we can go home together ”


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